13 Jewellery Redesign


Perhaps you have inherited or been given jewellery which you do not wear and just lies in a safe.

We will advise you on the best way of retaining sentimental value whilst reworking and creating a new piece incorporating the stones in to a jewellery redesign which you will enjoy and wear.  Once the design is agreed, we will choose our best maker for the new piece and submit a costed proposal for your final approval.

All through you will be closely involved so we ensure we create what you wish to wear.

Case Studies

Diamonds-used-to-create-3-Bombe-Rings Jewellery Redesign

Case Study One

Sapphire-and-diamond-statement-pendant Jewellery Redesign

Case Study Two

Sapphire-bangle-in-white-yellow-gold Jewellery Redesign

Case Study Three

Kentish-Barnes.. Jewellery Redesign

Case Study Four

Examples of jewellery redesign commissions

Diamond-sapphire-engagement-600x600 Jewellery Redesign


Multi-gem-pendant Jewellery Redesign


Diamond-hoop-earrings Jewellery Redesign


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Video Transcript: We get quite a lot of old jewellery that we are breaking up. Sometimes it feels a little bit wrong to be breaking up such beautiful craftsmanship, but actually these pieces, they’re not being worn, they’re sitting in a safe, they’re no good to anybody. And we will break these pieces up very carefully, take out the stones, sell the gold, put the cost of the gold against the new price of whatever the new piece is costing. I will then have these loose stones to play around with the design and come up with something new and exciting that the client will want and love and wear and enjoy.