Bespoke Silver Commissions

Over many years Denzil has gained extensive experience in the design of commemorative silverware commissioned to mark special corporate milestones, sporting trophies along with pieces to mark the retirement of directors and senior executives by companies, societies and institutions.

By hand engraving a message or inscription the silver commission can be personalised, in particular the use of ‘facsimile’ engraving where hand writing is copied is the ultimate form of personalisation. We are happy to advise upon suitable wording, script types and layouts.

Silver-Sailing-Trophy. Bespoke Silver Commissions

Silver Sailing Trophy

The silver globe has pierced applied continents and is supported by stylised sails all upon an natural oak plinth with applied inscription plates

Sutton-Hoo-On-Plinth Bespoke Silver Commissions

Commemorative Commission by the Woodbridge Station, Officers’ Mess.  A silver, full sized Anglo Saxon warrior’s helmet found at Sutton Hoo in 1939, created by our talented craftsmen.

Equestrian-Trophy-400x600 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Silver Plated Sporting Trophy

Commissioned by the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Bespoke-sporting-trophy Bespoke Silver Commissions

Bespoke Sporting Trophy

Trophy features the first aeroplanes commissioned by Ryan Air with the piece being commissioned to commemorate the founder of the airline.

34 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Silver coated china poppy

One of the poppies from the rememberance installation at the Tower of London, in electroform silver secured to a black plinth with silver hand engraved inscription plates

Bespoke-Silver-Commission Bespoke Silver Commissions

Silver Table Centre Piece

A detail of the roof section for a special silver commission of a house

Sporting-Trophy Bespoke Silver Commissions

Royal Company of Archers Queen’s Prize

Every year the Archers compete for the prize which is a special sporting commission and presented by Her Majesty The Queen to the winner

16 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Bespoke silver beaker

We were given a brief to design a ‘device’ which was cast and applied to silver beaker to create a distinctive and bespoke silver commission beaker

Bespoke-Table-Silver Bespoke Silver Commissions

Bespoke silver menu holders

Modelled and cast depicting a family crest

53 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Commemorative Commission by the Society of High Constables in Edinburgh

72 Bespoke Silver Commissions

An anniversary present with facsimile engraved message

63 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Bespoke Presentation Silver

A special shallow arms dish with pierced engraved and applied crest and hand engraved inscription

82 Bespoke Silver Commissions

A cast bronze fox mounted upon a plinth with engraved silver inscription plate.  A wide range of bronzes are available details on request.

Silver-table-centre-commiss Bespoke Silver Commissions

Silver Centrepiece Commission

Depicting a house with hand engraved detail and plannished roof sections

92 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Facsimile Hand Engraving

A fine example of the hand engraver skill with facsimile hand writing and drawing graved onto our exclusive shallow dish

Silver-condiment-commission Bespoke Silver Commissions

Silver wedding anniversary commission in form of the family house made into a condiment with blue and red glass liners

122 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Bespoke silver sporran, waist plate, kilt pin and jacket buttons

Silver-Photo-Frame Bespoke Silver Commissions

Silver photograph frame with mounted ‘Stingray sting’ and with facsimile hand engraving

Walter-Scott Bespoke Silver Commissions

Traditional Silver Sporting Trophy

102 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Silver capercaillie, limited edition of 15 standing 20 cm high. Profits from the sale will go to fund research into these iconic Scottish birds

SS-Forged-Rattail Bespoke Silver Commissions

Hand forged Rattail pattern, crest engraved cutlery

84 Bespoke Silver Commissions

Bespoke badge of office for the vice-president Watsonian Club

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