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Modernising your old jewellery by redesigning to create a ring

Just inherited some old family jewellery and wondering what to do? Well we are here to advice and assist you in creating a redesigned and remodelled piece of new jewellery you will enjoy wearing.     If you are someone who has old or inherited unworn jewellery why not give us a call to discuss […]

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Give the gift of bespoke design this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – the one day a year solely dedicated to showcasing your boundless love and gratitude to your other half, filled with slow dances and candle-lit dinners! But what exactly constitutes a great gift? Instead of exchanging chocolates and roses, both of which quickly diminish – why not gift your partner with something they […]

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Bored of your engagement ring?

Refresh your existing ring into something new Your engagement ring is such a special and personal piece of jewellery with more sentiment than any other.  Perhaps the time has come to make yours a little more distinctive by adding a stone or two? Why not bring it along to us with a view to either completely […]

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A very merry Christmas…

Here at Denzil Skinner & Partners, we would like to wish everyone a very merry and peaceful Christmas. Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate it dearly. Best wishes for 2016, Denzil and Amanda. If you would like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact us via or call us on 0131 538 […]

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Christmas problems solved – DS&P gift ideas…

It’s that time of year again! The festive season is in full swing and we have gathered together a few ideas which may help you in your hunt for this year’s Christmas presents… Jewellery design Give your partner or someone special the chance to be intimately involved in the design and creation of a piece of jewellery. We […]

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Case study: Creating a silvered commemorative poppy

The art installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London, marked one hundred years since the first full day of Britain’s involvement in the First World War. The exhibition was created by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper. A total of 888,246 ceramic poppies progressively filled the Tower’s moat during 2014. […]

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What is tanzanite?

Tanzanite exploded onto the jewellery scene in the late 1960’s when Tiffany, New York, exhibited a range of jewellery featuring this exquisite gemstone. Found exclusively in just one area in Tanzania, this stone is the most significant of the ‘Zoisite’ family. The name reflects the gem’s limited geographic origin with all mines located within eight square miles in […]

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How many people are involved in making a hand-made ring?

There it is, a beautiful ring fitting snugly onto your finger, but have you ever considered just how many talented people applied their skills in its creation? Firstly, there is the customer (1) wishing to acquire a ring (that’s you!). You will then speak to the designer (that’s us!) (2) who will take your ideas and translate […]

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The wonder of opal…

Nature constantly surprises us with its many varied colours; the plumage on birds such as kingfishers or jays, the effect of a film of oil on water, rainbows or fish scales. We marvel at such intense effects but none of these are comparable with the iridescent colours that explode from the opal’s surface. So what […]

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What exactly is Corundum?

The most important of the gemstone families and second hardest behind diamond, Corundum is the most widely used material in the making of jewellery and is most commonly known as sapphire or ruby. Corundum in its pure state is colourless, clear and often known as white sapphire. The best stones have a very high degree […]