Over time the mount and claws which secure the stones in your ring will become worn.  Our Edinburgh jewellery repairs servic will inspect your rings and offer our best advice as to the most appropriate way to secure and restore your rings.

Sometimes the ring will become completely irreparable and in these cases we advise a complete remount which can be a facsimile of the original or it offers the opportunity to redesign and enhance with additional stones.

Group-of-rings-before-repair-to-claws1 Repairs / Remounts

Gem set rings with worn claws in need of attention

Group-rings-after-repair1 Repairs / Remounts

The same rings after the claws were restored and central stones re-polished

Engagement-ring-befor-remounting Repairs / Remounts

An emerald and diamond engagement ring before remounting

Post-remounting-with-additional-diamonds Repairs / Remounts

Post remounting with additional diamonds

Worn-out-brooch-with-diamonds-insecure Repairs / Remounts

Worn out brooch with diamonds insecure

Diamond-Brooch-set-in-18-carat-white-gold Repairs / Remounts

Diamond star brooch restored and re-set in 18 carat white gold

Worn-out-Victorian-carved-set-diamond-ring Repairs / Remounts

Worn out Victorian carved set diamond ring

Reset-in-a-new-mount Repairs / Remounts

Reset in a new mount

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