Whilst often more modest than jewellery worn by ladies; jewellery for men includes signet rings, cufflinks, dress studs, tie pins and wedding rings.

We supply oval gold and silver cufflinks which are often hand engraved with a crest and/or initials. Our hand engravers are unsung but incredibly talented ‘artists’, their palate is gold or silver and  brush a ‘graving tool’.  To engrave crests with initials to cufflinks costs between £90.00 and £125.00 and depends upon detail and number of initials.

In addition we are delighted to design and create personal bespoke items.

Silver crest engraved cufflinks from £95.00 plus engraving

9 carat gold hand engraved cufflinks from £575.00 plus engraving

Engraved silver cufflinks with family crest

Dress Stud Cufflink Suite

9 carat gold hand engraved cufflinks with dress studs

Silver cufflinks date and initial from £95.00 plus engraving

18 carat gold engraved cufflinks from £975.00 plus engraving

9 carat gold shirt studs which can be set with a wide variety of stones 

Silver cufflinks hand engraved with Rolls Royce car

Kilt Cufflinks

9 carat rose gold kilt cufflinks designed by DS&P, £1,450.00 silver £165.00

Silver cufflinks with yellow gold border wire and set with sapphire

Gold enamel family crest with engraved initials, POA

Bespoke cufflinks

Family crest gold tie pin, POA

Cufflinks adapted using old engraved cufflinks and pearls mounted in specially designed mounts

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